Our Lady Queen of Peace

Sr. Kathleen's Corner - Third Sunday of Lent

PARISH FAITH FORMATION: This week's gospel has puzzled me for years. I experience God as love, goodness and truth. Then, why this gospel? Happily, a commentary helped me to see that it is the gardener in the story who is the hero. He plants, waters, and nourishes so that a fullness of life can come. We can focus on hell or the gifts that grow us into greater union with God and others. Hell is absence. Heaven is fullness. It is in actively receiving the gifts of one another, the gifts of the community, and the gifts of the earth longing to be appreciated, that makes heaven of a sometimes harsh reality. Growing requires struggle, a real effort to break through the soil into the light. Lent may be a time when we see our struggle for what it is...

FAMILY FAITH FORMATION:"The biggest challenge of the day is: "how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution that has to start with each one of us," says Dorothy Day whose cause is up for canonization. She would never want to be referred to as "St. Dorothy", but it seems the church needs her witness now. She grew up in New York and spent most of her childhood living in isolation. She liked to read and became a journalist. Gradually, she made her life one of a passion for justice, especially for the oppressed. Dorothy grew in the soil of life's planting and in struggling step by step, she received the gifts that made her holy. Even though Dorothy has been called many things: an activist, a journalist, a mother, a convert, a mystic, a prophet, and a faithful Catholic and soon, a saint. God probably knows her as His gardener in the growth of love.



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